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"Discover how my unique programs full of Mind Magic can turn your ordinary events into a unforgettable and memorable experience, guaranteed!" -George Tait

Clients reserve George up to a year in advance. CALL NOW to make sure your date is still available

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Mind Tapped.

You’re in the audience thinking about the name of your current crush. There’s no way George Tait could know what you’re thinking, but he does! Plucking thoughts out of audience members’ heads, Tait creates a powerful and captivating show. The show is a combination of mind reading and mind control. You'll watch in amazement as you find yourself unable to uncross your arms! You'll laugh in astonishment as thoughts are pulled right out of your mind! Tait impossibly identifies objects held behind his back despite being blindfolded with three layers of duct tape over his eyes. Mind Tapped is an interactive performance involving Mind Reading, Suggestinon, Psychology, Magic, and Humor.


University Entertainment Packages.

Mind Tapped is witty, easy to absorb, fun and is the perfect option for campus festivals, student orientation, an afternoon cafeteria performance, or even a special evening show. Tait may be a successful professional onstage but offstage he is just as easy to work with making him a favorite among Campus activities directors who work with him.


Corporate Entertainment Packages.

Have George Tait tailor, his high-energy "Mind Tapped Show" to your companies needs. Tait can help introduce a new product in a dramatic fashion by customization to create material from the ground up that highlights your message and makes your company shine. Imagine 1000 people all influenced to somehow think of your product, and your product only, among a list of hundreds of others during the show. That's just one of the many techniques possible with George Tait's Mind Tapped. Call Today and find out what Mind Tapped will do for you!


The Critical Thinking Lecture

Critical thinking is simply learning to think with reflective thought. This lecture encourages healthy skepticism combined with excersizing an open mind by teaching critical thinking skills along side a presentation that's also entertaining to take part in. For more details about this presentation contact George today.


Remember Your Memory

George teaches how you can improve your memory with simple and easy to learn memory techniques. You will discover how you can improve test scores, cut study time in half, retain information easier and longer, remember phone numbers and so much more. "When you walk away from this presentation your mind will be able to work wonders!"


Theatrical Seance

The Metro Times said, "Did it scare the sh*t out of everyone involved? Definitely !" Go on a theatrical adventure through the world of spirits. You'll literally make physical contact with the unknown. Call today to find out more! This program is available for private and public viewings. There is a minimum requirnment of twelve audience members for this program.


Clients reserve George up to a year in advance. CALL NOW to make sure your date is still available